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Last Minute Sawaby
Dec 1st

It is nearly three weeks until Christmas and all the Joes were done or almost done with their Christmas shopping except everyone's favorite sailor. Who love to wait until the last minute and everyone knows he will just lie around on the couch taking a nap and always say the same thing I got time and no problem when he is asked.

"I am telling you he's a lose cost." Sharp Shooter said. "But lots of people shop on Christmas Eve or they wait until the last minute." Lifeline told her. "Yeah but they don't wait until the last hour before the store closes" she said.

Dec 6th

Ace, Ripcord and Dusty were coming back from shopping. "I got to get these wrapped and sent off pretty soon." Ace added. "So what did you get Amy old buddy?" Ripcord asked. "Oh you know the usual" ace replied giving his most cocky smile. The three men heard snoring sure enough it was Shipwreck in his favorite spot catching some sleep.

"I never knew anyone sleep so much." Dusty replied shaking his head. "Did you even bother doing some of your Christmas shopping you know Christmas is three weeks away?" Ripcord asked. Shipwreck just yawned "I got time what's the big rush? That stuff ain't going no place." "You are so hopeless Wreck." Ace replied. "Yeah yeah says you."

Two weeks later

All of the Joes have gotten their shopping done and those who weren't going home for the holidays had their stuff shipped out. Ace and started a pool in when Shipwreck was going to start his shopping he nearly raised five thousand dollars. Mostly everyone had wagered between Christmas Eve and Christmas day. "I bet that blockhead will start an hour before the stores close." Wild Orchard said.

"Remember last year he started on Christmas day because he overslept on Christmas Eve. And all his presents came form the convenient store down the street." Holiday replied. "Oh yeah and he got Duke a chia pet from the drug store." Roadblock said. Everyone started laughing.  Covergirl shook her head as she remembered when he gave everyone five dollar gift cards.

"Come one everyone give him a break." Lifeline stated. He is just trying.  "Trying ha" Covergirl laughed. "You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves placing wagers on Shipwreck." Lifeline said.

"Man we should have done this years ago." Flint said giving Ace one hundred fifty dollars.  "Put me down for Christmas Eve 4pm."  

Leatherneck put in a fifty. "Christmas day noon" replied the old marine. He had a confused look on his face. "What's the matter leatherneck?"  Scarlett asked. "I got all my shopping done. I just can't figure this out." Leatherneck replied handing Scarlett the list. "I looked all over the place for these dolls and no one seems to have them. I know my daughter is too old to play with dolls."  Scarlett chuckled. "Leatherneck the Pussycat dolls aren't dolls they are a pop group. And you can find their cd everywhere."

"Oh thank you Scarlett" Leatherneck said as ran out of the room.  Airtight was talking to Mainframe in which will be the best cellphone for his teenaged daughter.

Beachhead was glad that he finished his before Thanksgiving less stress.

As Christmas was drawing closer everyone was done their Christmas  shopping; Everyone except a certain sailor.

Christmas Eve

Roadblock had made his famous Christmas cookies and brownies. Flint and lady Jaye was sitting by a window watching the snow fall. "Oh look its really coming down." Flint took a cookie "Roadblock old buddy this is the best your cookies and good cup of hot chocolate." Lady Jaye stuffed her mouth with brownies.  "These are great." Lady Jaye said.
Moments they heard someone yell out holy shit I overslept.

"There he goes." Gung Ho replied laughing,  Everyone peered down the hall when they saw Shipwreck putting on his coat. "I never seen him move this fast unless its dinner time." Falcon said laughed.

"Falcon what are you doing?" Duke asked. "Oh man, big brother this shit is going on YouTube." "Hey does anyone know what time the mall close?" Shipwreck asked. "Shipwreck you got to be kidding me?" Hawk asked. "No sir I got to do my shopping."

"You should have done that weeks ago son.  Hawk called out. Then the General sighed "I don't get that man" Hawk said. "He'll never make it the malls close early today. He got at least an hour." Duke replied shaking his head.

Everyone went to the window as they watch their fellow Joe in the parking lot. He slipped a couple of times. Then he went in his car. It took him a good fifteen minutes for his car to start. Shipwreck watched the heavy snow fall.

"That Shipwreck he'd never learn." Alpine said. "He won't make it in this horrible weather and his piece of crap car." Mutt added.

Shipwreck went to get gas he got a few things out there. Then he was off to the mall. He parked at Cashmann's department store. Shipwreck ran through he hit most of the stores he wanted. The only store he had to stand in line was Bath and Body works.  Moments later he heard an announcement that the store will be closing in forty minutes.

"Noooo I'm not done yet!" Shipwreck cried. Shipwreck was finished he had at least twenty minutes to spare. He managed to get a couple more presents.

He raced to Cashmann's but the salesman was closing the gates."Hey buddy let me through."

"Sorry we are closed." The guy said.

"I parked here."

"Too bad" the guy said. The guy walked off.

"YOU CRUMB!" Shipwreck yelled. Then he had to walk through the hall out through a mall entrance if it wasn't so cold and snowing like crazy he wouldn't have minded the walk. Shipwreck bundled up the best he could and slowly walked to his car.


Ace was still taking bets on Shipwreck's demise. "I think he'd come back by midnight." Leatherneck said. "Maybe he forgot to go Christmas shopping and went to a bar and got drunk instead." Mutt replied. "You never know about that guy."

Shipwreck had a hard time trying to get his car started again. He knew that his car was on its last legs. It took even longer for it to get started. Then Shipwreck was on his merry way. The snow was coming down harder and harder. He was less than forty five minutes away and his car finally stop.

"Come on car please don't do this to me." Shipwreck cried. The car was completely dead. He can imagine what the others were saying back at the base. He pulled out his cellphone and called Lifeline and told him to meet him at the all night diner.

45 minutes later

Lifeline found shipwreck at the dinner he never seen the sailor look so sad as he nursed a cup of coffee and candy cane pie. "Hi Shipwreck" the medic greeted his friend. "Hi lifeline my car broke down. I think it was on its last leg." The sailor told his friend. "And I wrecked Christmas as usual." "Don't say that Shipwreck you sometimes don't put much thought in your gifts. However people nowadays don't know the true meaning of Christmas. It's more about who can get the most expensive toys."

Shipwreck looked at his friend. "You know your right. I remember putting up the Christmas tree and singing carols with my family. And watching It's A Wonderful Life. Shipwreck said. What has become of Christmas?" Shipwreck asked sadly. "It has become this commercial racket"

"I totally agree." Lifeline said. "It's also the birth of Christ our savior. Sadly people are purposely forgetting that; Santa is nice an all for the little kids but Santa is not the true meaning of Christmas." Lifeline said. "Christmas is all about spending with your family and friends and making memories. Let's get you back to headquarters."

Shipwreck and Lifeline left the diner shipwreck looked up at the sky. He saw a Christmas star he smiled to himself this isn't going to be a bad Christmas after all.
Shipwreck waited until the very last minute to do his Christmas shopping. And learns the true meaning of Christmas.
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